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Did you know that over 50,000 children are home educated in the UK and the figure is rising by 80% per year? If your kid is a homeschooler, I’m sure you want to make learning more fun and interactive for him. The Family Game with Brian Brian is the right solution for you. Why? Because this unique game combines learning with team work and fun, which helps your child develop a set of valuable skills. Our game brings multiple advantages for both homeschoolers and parents. Here’s a few of them:

1.Learning becomes fun:

Let’s face it–home-educated or not–all children hate the word homework, so you might want to find an alternative way of making your child learn new things. The Family Game with Brian Brain is based on the National Curriculum and the questions are split into Key Stages and Year Groups. History, Maths, English, Science- all of these topics are included in the game and the questions are adapted to all ages and levels of understanding.What is also great is that the game is really competitive and interactive, which makes it perfect for homeschoolers.

2. Makes them socialize more

Some psychologists argue that homeschooling is not interactive enough for the children. If you are a parent that wants to make sure his homeschooler socializes enough, I strongly believe that The Family Game with Brian Brain is the right solution for you. First of all, the game is fit for all ages, so you can play it with your child and you can include some friends, neighbors or siblings in order to make sure that he communicates more. For your child, the game is a source of fun and for you it’s a way of making sure he develops all those skills that he will need later on.

3. Keeps children away from gadgets

Nowadays, computers and tablets are used everyday for educational purposes, especially when it comes to homeschooling. But using them every single day may be harmful for your child. Firstly, because it may cause eye and back problems and secondly, because kids tend to spend too much time using gadgets instead of communicating or playing. Brian Brain helps your child learn, communicate and socialize without any risks!

4.It’s great teaching material

The Family Game with Brian Brain is a great tool for the teachers of homeschoolers as well. They can use it to make lessons more fun and relaxed. Children love this type of teaching, so they will be more willing to pay attention. The game can be used to reinforce or test the pupil’s knowledge. The questions are adapted to all school years, which makes the teacher’s work a lot easier.

5. Brings families back together

Families that play together,stay together.This is our motto! Our stressful lifestyles and the technology that surrounds us reduced the amount of time families get to spend together. Even when we have some free time, we tend to spend it in front of the computer. We want to bring back to you those special family moments, so we created a game that allows you to have fun with the entire family. Mom,dad,the kids, grandma and grandpa can all enjoy this unique game. If you try it, you’re gonna love it!


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