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How to Determine your Child to Spend More Time with You

kid-ipad We live in a busy, stressful world. We all know it. Sometimes, even getting out of bed seems like an impossible task, especially when you have those little noisy kids in the house. It just seems easier to let them watch TV or play a game on the tablet,while you take some time for yourself. But when this becomes a habit, family relations can be deeply affected. While you are too busy to notice, children become addicted to technology and they lose their ability to communicate.
Technology can turn our children into introverts, which means they will have difficulties socializing even with children their own age. When a child stops communicating with his parents, huge consequences can arrive in the future.. If you see they are addicted to gadgets and they simply stop talking and interacting with you, you need to act as soon as possible. Here’s a list of things that you can do in order to make your child spend more time with you:

1.Distract him from using the computer or tablet. Try spending more time outdoors with your child, take him with you when you go for a run in the park or at least walk the dog together at least once a week. Take your child with you shopping and ask for his opinion, this will make him feel good about himself. Ask him questions about school, friends and other subjects that might interest him. This way, you will determine him to start communicating with you again. It takes a lot of patience to keep your child away from technology, but it is very important for his well-being

2.Help him with homework. If you child experiences difficulties in school, you need to make learning more fun for him. It’s no secret that children hate homework and that they prefer doing anything else instead of Math exercises or learning boring grammar rules. In this case, you can play a family game like The Family Game with Brian Brain, which is based on the National Curriculum and it’s specially designed for the entire family. This way, you can check you child’s knowledge without putting pressure on him. He will have fun, but at the same time he will learn new things without even realising it.

3.Drive to the countryside or visit a new city with your children. Family weekends can be very relaxing and fun. Children are curious and they love discovering new places. Spending time in the nature or simply visiting a city with a different architecture will keep your children far away from the computer screen.If you’re driving a long way, you can keep them entertained with the unique Brian Brain question cards that are fun and educational at the same time. This way, you keep them from driving you crazy during the road-trip and you can drive in peace.

4.Cook together.Children love playing with food and they also like “playing the chef” sometimes. You can always ask them to do some simple tasks such as chopping carrots,tasting the pudding or adding salt and pepper in the meal.This is useful for both of you and it gives you a chance to communicate with your child, while doing your daily tasks.

5.Read stories to him. Bedtime stories are a lovely way to bond with your children. It doesn’t matter if they are not 5 years old anymore. What matters is this “tradition” that brings you closer to each other, that “good night” without which none of you can fall asleep. It’s simple things like these that your child will remember later on,not the expensive things you bought him.

6.Encourage your child to have hobbies like dancing, playing the piano or doing some sport. It would be ideal to have common passions, so you can practice together sometimes. You can all go out and play some tennis in the weekends or go ice-skating during winter. There are plenty of activities that you can do together. Even if this doesn’t happen every day due to the lack of time, it’s important that you do it at least once in a while if you want to have a healthy family relationship.

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