How to Have Fun Learning with Brian Brain

kids-funLearning doesn’t have to be a chord for your child. He needs to enjoy it as much as possible, that’s why parents and teachers need to use their creativity when it comes to lessons and homework. There are plenty of ways that will make learning more enjoyable for your children. First of all, he needs to find out what subjects he loves the most. Whether it is English, Languages, Science,Maths etc, parents need to support his passion and stop trying to make the child love something he is not good at. Whatever subject your children is into, The Family Game with Brian Brain is specially designed to help him enhance his knowledge. But while learning, he will have loads of fun. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. First of all, The Family Game with Brian Brain includes questions from the all the main subjects that your child is studying at school. Regardless of his age, passions and skills, your child will find entertaining elements in our unique board game. Based on the National Curriculum, it will help him improve his knowledge while having fun and communicating with others.

2.Everyone has an equal chance to win. Brian Brain designed this game to be fun and fair. Parents (the Boffs)must make sure that children (the Budding Brains) compete on a equal basis. All questions are designed according to School Years and Key Stages.However,if you want to give your children more confidence, you can mix and match cards in order to fit the preferences of your little ones. The game includes guidelines on how you can do that.

3. Kids love getting the right answer. You can give your kids hints while playing in case they don’t find the right answer immediately. Make them read the questions out loud. This way,they communicate more, they improve their reading and they also have more fun. To make it even more enjoyable, you can create a prize for the winner to boast his confidence.Kids really love that!


4. You decide how long the game will last.¬†Depending on how much time you want to spend playing, you are able to choose how much the game should last. It all depends on the dice you will use. The slowest game would be with just the six-sided dice,while the faster game would be to use the eight sided dice. The first time, we advice you to use both dice. The game won’t last long and you’ll get familiar with the rules easily.

5. Kids love a bit of competition.¬†As the questions of the game are adapted to all ages, children can compete against their parents or their sibling. They have good changes of winning, which makes them feel good about themselves. This gives them motivation to become better at the subjects they are not that great at and this will be noticeable at school. Also, family time becomes much more enjoyable for both parents and children. If you try The Family Game with Brian Brain, you’ll see how right I am!



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