The Best Educational Game for your Child

family-playing-board-game-390x259We see our children currently being slaves to I-gadgets and Android gadgets and unlearning the simple art of communication. We aim to make a difference with both traditional games and with Apps that involve the whole family. Educational games are a great way of building skills that today’s school curriculum requires. Our Family Game with Brian Brain is the perfect combination of fun and learning and it will provide your family with a pleasant way of spending time together. This game is the best for your child for various reasons:

1. It is based on the National Curriculum

Brian Brain’s magic formula is that there are always two sets of questions. Whichever square you land on there is a question for the youngsters (BUDDING BRAINS) and a separate question for the adults (BOFFS). The Budding Brain questions are all split into The National Curriculum Key Stages and Year Groups, so if your children have different ages there is no problem whatsoever. The game includes all topics that kids study at school and it provides them with an easy way of learning all the information they need. You can prepare your children for school without them even realizing they are studying.

2. It makes children more communicative 

The game is specially created to make children communicate more. They have to read, ask questions, answer them, thus they need to interact with the entire family. This is extremely important for their development. The Family Game with Brian Brain also allows parents to verify their children’s knowledge, to find out what they need to work on and which are their main skills and talents.

3. Competition and team work

If a child learns to be competitive and to work in a team from an early stage in life, it means that he has earned two extremely valuable skills that he will need throughout his entire career. The Family Game with Brian Brain provides kids with a competitive environment, where they become more motivated to learn new things and to improve their skills. The best part is that while playing, the desire to discover comes naturally, without parents having to lecture them about the importance of studying.

4. Helps children focus

When it comes to homework or studying, some children have difficulties focusing. They get distracted or bored and they simply refuse to do what the teacher told them. In this case, educational games are a good solution because the child is learning, but he thinks he is only having fun. While playing, the child does not feel pressured and he doesn’t get distracted by anything else, so he is going to absorb the information easily. This will make a huge difference in class, where he will feel a lot more confident.

5. Makes children enjoy more the time spent with their parents

Finding activities that both you and your children enjoy is very important for your family. You will have fun and you will create unforgettable memories together. Playing is such a great way of bonding with your kids. That’s the main purpose of our games: to bring families back together. Remember: Families that play together, stay together!


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